Ashley Clarkson

MA History

Project Title: Evolution and Exhibition of Intangible Heritage at The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21

My master’s thesis will explore the ways in which Canadian museums are integrating digital technology and oral history into their collections, exhibitions and how the intangible is becoming much more tangible.  Specifically, I will focus on the Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 – Canada’s newest national museum located in Halifax, Nova Scotia. My current research will examine how, since 1999, the museum deployed and evolved practices in safeguarding memories. The research will examine digital story-telling, oral history audio and video recording practices, including the institutions ethical protocols and interviewing practices.  Furthermore, the distinction as a national museum in 2011 was a clear acknowledgment of its heritage and historic value (CBC, 2011). The research will be of interest beyond the academic society as it touches all communities invested in this important piece of Canadian history.

Ashley is in the middle of the last row. Oral History and Performance Class Photo

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