CÚline Bastien

PhD History

Project Title: Performing the Past: A Study on the Analytical Framework of Living History.

My doctoral thesis will examine the analytical framework of living history within North America through the lens of performance studies while grounding my work geographically with case studies located in the New England States as well as the Atlantic Provinces. My work will situate living history at the intersection of public history, museum studies, and performance studies thereby allowing me to explore topics such as reenactment, scripts, programming and pedagogy, the ethical challenges of performing difficult topics, guided tours, and theatrical techniques. These topics represent points of intersection between these disciplines and will allow me to explore larger questions about representations of culture through performance as well as new museological practices such as the following: What are the ethical considerations relating to the politics of representation through the body? In what ways does performing a revisionist history differ from having it displayed in a museum? Does the intimacy of the performance limit the types of histories that can be embodied?

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