Hourig Attarian

Project Title: "On Being Melez": Intergenerational Life Stories of Armenian Women. Post-doctoral fellowships from the FQRSC and SSHRC (2010-2013).

Hourig’s FQRSC and SSHRC funded post-doctoral project (2010-13) explored the archival record pertaining to the intergenerational life stories of Armenian women who lived “double lives” hidden in Turkish, Kurdish and Arab Bedouin households. Dr. Attarian is exploring the lives lived in this hybrid space using the case files of the women’s shelters operated by the Armenian General Benevolent Union in the years following the 1915 genocide. Her 2009 PhD thesis at McGill University, entitled “Lifelines: Matrilineal narratives, memory and identity,” was an autobiographical inquiry into matrilineal narratives, memory and identity. An Armenian-Montrealer herself, and a descendant of survivors, Hourig explored the stories told of two great aunts in her own family as well as those told in other families. Her commitment to community engagement has resulted in the publication of Blossoming Roots: Youth Collecting Life Stories – a product of an intergenerational project she led within Montreal’s Armenian community.

Selected Publications:

ATTARIAN, Hourig. Blossoming Roots: Youth collecting life stories. Montreal: HayDoun Publishers, 2012.

ATTARIAN, Hourig. 2013. “Introduction: Encounters in Vulnerability, Familiarity, and Friendship”. Oral History Off the Record: Toward an Ethnography of Practice, Anna SHEFTEL et Stacey ZEMBRZYCKI, eds. NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2013.

ATTARIAN, Hourig. (2012). Stories fluttering in the wind: How clotheslines write our lives. In R. Molestane & C. Mitchell (Eds.) Was it something I wore? Dress, identity, materiality (pp. 41-56). Cape Town: HSRC Press.

ATTARIAN, Hourig. “Narrating displacement: The pedagogy of exile.” In C. Mitchell, T. Srong-Wilson, K. Pithouse &  S. Allnutt, eds. Memory and pedagogy. London & New York: Routledge

ATTARIAN, H. (2011). Narrating displacement: The pedagogy of exile. In C. Mitchell, T. Strong-Wilson, K. Pithouse &  S. Allnutt  (Eds.) Memory and pedagogy (pp. 145-160). London & New York: Routledge.

ATTARIAN, H. (2011). Locating the “we” in autobiographical performance. In J. Stephenson (Ed.) Solo performance. Critical perspectives on Canadian theatre in English, volume 20. (Ric Knowles, series editor) (pp. 183-190). Toronto: Playwrights Canada Press.

ATTARIAN, Hourig et Rachael VAN FOSSEN. “Stories Scorched From the Desert Sun: Performing Testimony, Narrating Process”. Remembering Mass Violence: Oral History, New Media and Performance, Steven HIGH, Edward LITTLE and Thi Ry DUONG, eds., Toronto, University of Toronto Press 2013.

Hourig is the fourth person in.  Montreal Life Stories Kitchen Stories Workshop. March 2012.

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