Ioana Radu

PhD Humanities, ABD

Project Title:Uschiniichuu Futures: Healing, empowerment and agency among the Chisasibi Cree youth.

Ioana’s research focuses on the types of social and political practices that Cree youth in the community of Chisasibi undertake to create deliberative and participant spaces within their communities. The approach centers on the concept of healing as a means through which they negotiate identity and strengthen agency by undertaking an ethnographic study of a healing program in the community. Healing as a concept and as a practice helps ‘unpack’ connections between autonomy and wellbeing in aboriginal communities by challenging essentialized notions of cultural change; by underlining the relations between self and community; and by exploring how extra-local political processes operate in daily life.

Ioana (far left) listens to Ron Rudin in the ‘Blue Room’ at COHDS


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