Joyce Pillarella

MA History

Project Title: Behind the Tanks: Voices from Ville Emardís Italian Community.

Most of the recollections are set in the post-war era when the Italians were most prominent in this former industrial working-class district. Newly arrived, they had to re-define themselves in this society. The results straddle the ground between people and place and shift between collective and personal memories. The common ground is how I define a neighbourhood. The experiences may be universal, but they are grounded in real life context. Over 100 interviews were done that spanned four generations. Many community events were also organized including Jane's walks.

Video Link:

Italian Canadians as Enemy Aliens - Interview with Elisa Germano Pillarella & Joyce Pillarella - See more at:

Selected Publications:

PILLARELA, Joyce. Remembering the Internment of Italian Montrealers in World War II. Ottawa: Canadian Historical Recognition Programme, 2013.


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