Laurence Parent

PhD Humanities

Project Title: A History of Ableism in Québec: Disability, Space and Power

Laurence holds a MA in Critical Disability Studies from York University. She is active within the Quebec Disability Rights Movement, co-founding the disability rights organizations RAPLIQ in 2009. She produced her first documentary film “Je me souviens: Excluded from the Montréal subway since 1966” which won the Emerging Artist Award at the 2010 International Disability Film Festival at Berkeley. CBC declared her “Montrealer of the Week” on March 22, 2013. Fully one-third of human rights complaints in Quebec relate to the discrimination faced by the disabled. This exclusion is literally inscribed into our cities in inaccessible metros & buildings, etc. How have these barriers and exclusions shaped the lives of disabled people in Montreal and how have public attitudes (and actions) changed in our life-times? Laurence will conduct life-story interviews to understand how these experiences are remembered and understood.

Video Link:

Public transit users file human rights complaint. Laurence Parent is among several Montrealers filing complaints over public transit access for people with disabilities

Problèmes d'accessibilité-Entrevue d'Anne-Marie Dussault avec Laurence Parent

Laurence Parent interpelle la conseillère Bourgeois sur l'accessibilité des bureaux de vote le jour du scrutin.

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