Pharo Sok

MA History

Project Title: Remembering Cambodia, 1953-75: Life Stories and Intergenerational Storytelling.

Pharo’s MA project will explore the Royal (1953-70) and Republican (1970-75) periods via the recollections and life narratives of Khmer people now living in Montreal. Using Khmer life stories, I hope to reconstruct these periods, as remembered by Khmer people who lived it. In addition to these Cambodian voices, the next generation of Khmer will be an important part of my research. Because my generation was born outside of Cambodia, our conceptions of Cambodian history mostly come from our elders and popular culture. Thus, following memories and stories that flow from one generation to the next, this project will try to reconstruct Cambodian history between 1953 and 1975 through remembered experiences, intergenerational storytelling, and post-memory (Hirsch, 2012). 

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