Shauna Janssen

Humanities PhD, ABD

Project Title: Spaces of Indeterminancy: Artistic Engagement with former Industrial Sites.

Shauna is on the cusp of submitting her thesis which examines the spatial politics of in-situ artistic practice in post-industrial spaces. She focussed specifically on the Griffintown district of Montreal, a former Irish working-class district standing between the Lachine Canal and the city’s commercial centre, which was hollowed out by deindustrialization. Yet it still looms large in the urban imaginary, as its abandonment and recent wholesale redevelopment has drawn considerable public and artistic interest. For Shauna, Griffintown became a “mise en scene” for many of the debates surrounding urban regeneration, gentrification, and the place of artists in the metropolitan city.  Shauna designed a research methodology, best understood as “neighbourhood curation,” where her dissertation project served as a platform for artist wanting to intervene in the area.


Urban Occupations

Selected Publications:

Janssen, Shauna. 2009. Interdisciplinary MA. « Reclaiming the Darling Foundry: From Post-Industrial Landscape to Quartier Ephemere.”

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