Simon Vickers

Project Title: Making Co-opville: Layers of Activism in Point St- Charles (1983-1992).” Master’s Thesis, History. 2013.

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In 1983, activists from the neighbourhood of Point St-Charles launched a program to build 500 new cooperative homes over the next three years.  Named PROJET St-Charles, its promoters sought to counter municipal government driven revitalization plans that they believed would gentrify the neighbourhood.  In order to defend their Point St-Charles, PROJET organizers fought to develop their neighbourhood according to local needs.  This thesis will focus on how the philosophy driving the PROJET was negotiated over time, paying particular attention to how PROJET activists understood cooperation and community in relation to the needs of local residents.  A Newfoundlander by birth, Californian by naturalization, Simon completed his undergraduate degree in history in 2008 with an emphasis on modern social movements in California and the U.S.  He is going on to doctoral studies.

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